Núm. 53 (2020)

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Conceptual Approach

Oscar Javier Montiel
Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Mark Clark
Houston Baptist University
María Guadalupe Calderón
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Cuajimalpa
Publicado julio 31, 2020


The paper aims to identify and structure the relationship between different elements within what is commonly known as the dark side of entrepreneurship. As Baumol (1990) stated, the process of entrepreneurship can be productive or destructive. Different positions have been investigated and one of the least explored is the dark side of entrepreneurship as a construct. A literature review was made through databases and search engines, academic journals, repositories, archives, or other collections. Findings suggest there are many perspectives remaining for research, starting with clarification and a more precise definition not only of the construct itself but also of the factors or forces that drive this dark side, with a proposal that can be approached both from the entrepreneur and the context. Our proposal considers ethics, organizational psychology, and a systemic position, where the context plays a significant and decisive role, so researchers are encouraged to test the conceptual model further. This paper fulfills an identified need to propose an initial point to conceptualize the logic behind the dark side of entrepreneurship.